Our People

We believe the foundation of our success lies with our people and our adherence to a core set of values that encompass everything we do.  These simple values that Dave Thomas believed in are the foundation of our culture. His genius really was his straightforward simplicity. He had a great way of taking complex issues and making them very simple and easy to understand.  Dave founded Wendy’s with messages about quality and respect, and they continue to shape everything we are today.

Founder's Week

2013 Founder's Week

Once a year, we celebrate Founder’s Week across the entire Company. Activities are planned in different locations to celebrate Wendy’s traditions, our history and culture, and to renew our commitment to Wendy’s heritage and our values as an organization.

Some locations have celebrations in the restaurant, others support community groups with special efforts, and employees who normally work in Wendy’s offices take to the restaurants to work a lunch rush and interact with customers and restaurant teams.

The Employee Experience


Our employees represent Wendy’s every time they greet and serve a customer. We place enormous trust in them and strive always to support and recognize them for their good work. Solid training and career development opportunities make our employees the best in the industry.

Career Opportunities: How to Join Wendy's

Want to work hard, meet new people and develop skills that will take you wherever you want to go? Wendy’s is a great choice. Whether you’re interested in crew positions, restaurant operations or corporate and field support, check us out. The environment is fun, your co-workers supportive and hard-working.  Click here to learn more about a career at Wendy's.

Our Commitment to our Employees

We are committed to fairness and equal opportunity for our employees. It’s how we do business, and it includes how we work with our most valuable asset, our people. Our policies, practices and core values have always promoted including everyone in our work. While we celebrate personal qualities and talents, we are united in our dedication to delighting customers.

Wendy's Employees Around the World

Japan Employee

It’s amazing to think that Dave’s first hamburger restaurant has grown to a world-wide network of restaurants. Through our network of international franchisees, the Wendy’s brand employs approximately 12,500 individuals outside of the U.S. and Canada. In each of those locations, we support the community through career opportunities, by responsible food sourcing, and through involvement in local causes.

The Customer Experience

Throughout the more than 6,500 restaurants in the Wendy’s system, we touch millions of lives every day. Families, children, parents, couples, singles, working people in a hurry, seniors with time to chat, coffee groups, book clubs, even people working on their laptops.

Each of these customers has their own reason for coming to Wendy’s. And each has their own expectation. Our goal is to deliver a great experience to each of those customers, no matter what brought them to our door.

If they’re a drive-thru customer, we want their order to be prepared and delivered to them quickly and accurately. Our job is to get them on their way efficiently, with a great meal.


For customers who visit our dining room, our goal is to provide sparkling clean tables, chairs and restrooms. If a customer is wiping off their own table, we haven’t done our best. We want them to feel welcome, valued and appreciated.

In short, every customer is our most important customer, and our goal is to treat them that way.