At Wendy's, we believe in opportunity. People come to us every day looking for a job…just a job. Yet, they often end up finding much more.

Read about some of our talented employees as they share their story.



General Manager in California

Favorite Wendy's Item:

Spicy Chicken, no tomato.


Eleven-year Wendy's veteran who enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, bass fishing, golf and playing baseball.

All In A Days Work:

“My secret for getting everything done in a day is simple....planning. ‘If you don't plan, you plan to fail.’ I set realistic goals of everything that I want to accomplish and plan out how I will get them done.”

Staying Motivated:

"Knowing that there are problems to be solved…whether it's how we’re going to fix food cost, speed of service or how we’re going to develop a manager…my motivation is fixing those problems. There's always something to work on and improve.”

My Regular Customers:

“Regular customers are a sign of a job well done. Regular customers coming back day after day tells me they are happy with our food and service.”

My Team:

“Our team is like a family. We all help each other become better employees every day.”

Career Inspiration:

“I stay inspired because the opportunities for advancement in this company are endless.”



General Manager in North Carolina

Favorite Wendy's Item:

BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad with extra corn


Loyal, dependable, honest, driven, results oriented. Wendy's is the only job I have ever had! I started as a crew person and quickly moved up to a Shift Manager, Assistant Manager and General Manager.

On Opportunity:

"It means being successful and making the best of the situation. It could be something as small as helping a customer carry their tray or something as big as helping a fellow manager with problems they might be having in their store."

My Wendy's Family:

"Many of the people who hired me when I was 15 years old are still at Wendy's. They are the people who mentored me, not just with Wendy's skills but life skills. My director watched me grow up, get married and have two children while being promoted to a general manager and a district manager. They have supported me through all of my career and life challenges and for that I am eternally grateful."

Being the Boss:

“I don't look as myself as a boss, but a team leader. People look up to me and respect me. But I recognize the fact that I can't do it on my own and they know if they need me, I am here to help.”

Leadership Style:

“Coach. I try to coach my people through the situation and teach them to make good choices. I believe if you explain the ‘whys’ people are more apt to follow the rules and do the right thing. I always set the example.”

Challenging Customers:

“Smile and try to give them what they want. If they want something made special that isn't a food safety issue, I believe in taking care of them. If they have a problem with their order, I put myself in their shoes and try to respond how I would like to be taken care of.”



Director of Operations in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania

Favorite Wendy's Item:

Double Cheese with ketchup, pickles and mustard


Thirty-year Wendy's veteran. Adore my wife, two daughters and two grandchildren. Truly love the Wendy's business.

Scheduling the Team:

"It’s easy to accommodate such hard working individuals. I feel like I'm telling people to leave more than I'm asking them to stay."

Best Job Advice:

"I'll ask the question,’if your Boss was showing up in 15 minutes, what would you change?’ Run every shift as if you were being inspected."

Inspiring the Team:

"We do lots of competitions within our Company; monthly, quarterly and yearly. We keep them fresh and relevant to what we are working on as a Company."

Juggling Different Personalities:

"We are all so different. I remind myself without our team, we wouldn't be here."

Most People Wouldn't Know:

“I love my little town of New Philadelphia, Ohio. I've had the opportunity to live all around within my career at Wendy's. It’s nice to live where you grew up.”



Training Store Manager in California  

Favorite Wendy's Item:

Spicy Chicken Sandwich, sour cream and chives potato, and an ice cold Coke.


I am a very positive, motivated, hardworking, persistent and passionate person in everything I do in life. I love training and sharing my knowledge with others, but most of all, I enjoy seeing results.

Advice for Success:

"My job advice to others is to plan out your personal and business goals and work towards them every day. Always have a positive attitude while being persistent is key."

Seeing Your Team Members Succeed:

"I feel very proud, excited and happy when one of my team members gets promoted. I see the hard work and dedication it took them to achieve and to be a part of that accomplishment."

The Value of "Team":

"I make my team members feel valued by celebrating their birthdays with cake, giving the time off they need and within store contests where everyone gets rewarded."

Meaning of Hardwork:

"Hard work means dedication, persistence, planning, delegating and following up. Having everyone work together, and doing what you love to do."

Something People May Not Know About Me:

"Most people don't know that I moved to the United States at the age of fifteen to help my parents. At the time, I had two jobs and Wendy's was just part-time. My General Manager asked me to become a Shift Manager, I was hesitant because of my English. She saw something in me and never gave up. Twenty three years later, I run a successful restaurant!  I dedicate every single achievement to my parents."



Franchise Area Director in Western Canada 

Favorite Wendy's Item:

Nothing like a Double with Cheese with no pickles, add mustard.


I enjoy spending time with my wife of 20 years, our son, family and friends. I’ve spent the last 28th years learning so much from Wendy’s. In my downtime I also enjoy the outdoors, travel, and watching hockey, football and curling.

Responding to Change:

"I try to understand the reason for the change then move forward. As they say, change is inevitable."

Career Inspiration:

"Throughout my entire career with Wendy's, I've always enjoyed the challenges and have continued learning in every role."

Leadership Style:

"I am a strong communicator, honest and enjoy problem solving."

How My Wendy's Family is Like My Family:

"In this business, the people you work with daily become like family."

Proudest Accomplishment:

"In my personal life, it was becoming a husband and father. In my Wendy's career, it's when I see people under my leadership grow their own careers and become good leaders in our business."